Project Images for Yumbrosia
Project Images for Yumbrosia

A Squarespace website and new logo for a food retailer

  • Squarespace website
  • Developed content and site structure
  • Heavy CSS customization
  • Designed a new logo
  • Wrote all the copy and sourced stock photo’s


A short-and-sweet project for a food retailer in BC including a fresh vector-based logo and a website hosted on Squarespace.

Here, some limits of Squarespace were tested, as the basic subscription doesn’t allow custom JS and provides no access to theme files. To create any substantial design changes required heavy CSS modification with careful attention to doing it safely and trying to stay in line with the existing Squarespace patterns.

Overall any customization on Squarespace is made super-annoying by having to work in narrow editing views. As well there’s no logging, manual backup or revision systems, so coordinating work among multiple parties is a slog.

Ultimately Squarespace is interested in a locked-down relationship directly with business owners, and is really not suited to include 3rd-party developers unless they wholly manage the experience on behalf of the owner.