Project Images for Tarot
Project Images for Tarot

A WordPress website for a tarot card reader

  • WordPress installation & setup
  • Booking system integration using Birchpress Scheduler
  • Custom theme using Divi page builder
  • Integration with external calendar systems
  • Integration with external email systems


A website for a tarot card reader. A straight-forward project, with plain content and not too many special features.

Booking System

The main project complexity involved putting together a booking system. Here, an appropriate solution was needed to allow clients to choose date and time slots along with a price package.

In the WordPress ecosystem there’s many possibilities to build a booking system…

  • 3rd party standalone WP plugins
  • 3rd party SAAS platforms, with website integration
  • Building it yourself, manually

Here the client had no overtly special booking needs, however they did need to define priced packages and be able to process payments. So simple calendar plugins wouldn’t do.

Eventually Birchpress was identified as a suitable solution as it satisfied a lot of requirements out of the box.


The Divi page builder was chosen by the client prior to my involvement and was my first time using it. I found the page building interface to be more or less intuitive, but with deeper pages it was difficult navigating many elements to re-style things if you decide on UI changes later on.

The builder intertwines itself into your content using numerous shortcodes specific to Divi, which makes it quite impractical to switch to another page builder, or remove Divi completely. Basically, once you go Divi, you ain’t going back. This is one of the big downsides touted against Divi.


This project occurred years ago, and nowadays for such a client I would advise using a more facilitated platform like Squarespace, because they’re designed for small business brochureware and often come with integrated booking tools.