Project Image for Rogers work
Project Image for Rogers work

Graphics Design

  • Designed concept icons
  • Designed diagrams and charts


In 2009, worked at the Rogers New Product Development department, where new mobile products and services were researched and explored.

In this era, the iPhone had just come out and the concept of an “App Store” was completely brand new. There was a rush to capture this new “mobile web” energy. I was part of the beginnings of Roger’s new creative staff with regard to mobile development.

Here I was tasked with exploring new designs for icons, created various diagrams, mock-ups and charts for presentations.

On a side note, around this time (just before starting at Rogers) I had also created a functional weather app using Flash, pulling data from a server. This ran on a tiny Nokia J2ME device, and had nice fluid animations! Sadly, I have no idea where the source files are… =(.