Project Images for GLAMMO
Project Images for GLAMMO

A Shopify website for a fashion retailer

  • Custom logo and theme
  • Custom HTML/CSS/Liquid
  • Custom JS multi-faceted product filter
  • Add-on’s integration
  • Manual payment gateway setup


For a fashion retailer, a Shopify website.

Custom JS Product Filtering

At the time, there were few options for affordable 3rd-party filtering add-on’s, and the one’s that existed didn’t meet all requirements.

To truly have multi-faceted filtering, tailored to the particular product offering, I built a custom JS product filter. Once figuring out the nuances of Shopify’s data patterns, this was pretty straightforward.

3rd-party Add-on’s

In other instances, enhancements were quickly implemented by subscribing to some 3rd-party Shopify add-on’s. For example, to watermark images or have special product group pricing.

However the Shopify add-on ecosystem, as excited as it’s portrayed, is actually pretty shallow, and you are often faced with only one solution provider.

The shallow add-on market can bite you.

In the case of the watermark app, the add-on company eventually closed-shop unbeknownst to anyone, and killed all of the product images! That required quick scrambling to implement a new images solution… and we were left choosing between a very expensive alternative or just not having an automated solution at all.

Manual Payment Gateway

This e-commerce project involved non-standard banking connections, and require manual setup of the payment gateway. This was one-time hassle. Once operational, everything was smooth.


The magic of Shopify quickly wears thin when you discover how limited you are with regard to query access, how much processing is shoveled onto client-side, discover the shallow depth of the add-on market and overall high fee’s.

In the end, I would say Shopify is a luxury ecommerce platform for a select audience of businesses that deal with high price-point, low-volume goods.