Email Templates & Landing Pages

June 2019

Various projects

  • Custom email templates and landing pages
  • Manual HTML/CSS and/or with builder tools
  • Testing with Litmus and
  • Image optimization


For various projects, there’s been multiple occasions where I’ve been tasked with creating email templates or landing pages, quite often having to work with a particular editing interface through some kind of SAAS (for example, Mail Chimp or Instapage).

Even with 2020 dawning upon us, email technology is still a big dumb dinosaur, with extreme restrictions on HTML and CSS code. For good reason, as email is a very technically conservative medium due to security and spam issues. In any case, building attractive and creative email templates is still possible, however there’s thin margins when it comes to failure vs success.

For email design workflows, I find the best method is to start with a strong WYSIWYG editor, export the HTML and then manually build special features unavailable through the editor. Throughout the process, continually testing in an automated platform like Litmus or This way you get a stable baseline design and a splash of limit-pushing creative features.

Regarding landing pages, I find they involve more psychology than anywhere else on a website, and if a designer (or group design stage) isn’t involved the effort will always be weak.