I’m a web developer based in my home town Toronto, with roughly 7 years experience altogether.

I’m self-taught, always learning and have mainly worked as a freelancer for agencies, small business clients and my own personal projects.


I’ve planned / researched / built / fixed / optimized websites, apps and digital experiences in various formats and platforms.

My weapon of choice tends to be WordPress, as it often satisfies a lot of requirements and is an unrestricted open canvas. I’ve also completed projects using more facilitated platforms like SquareSpace and Shopify too.

For every project I carefully select technologies (methods, protocols, libraries, plugins, etc) and I often develop custom themes and functions using HTML/CSS/JS/PHP.

Being curious, excited and interested in better ways, I actively explore new technologies for websites and apps.

The past year I’ve been chipping away at a custom API server built with Go and front-end interfaces with Vue. In the past I built a functioning prototype in Android (native) with Java.

Going forward I’m very much excited to work on products and tools that can make an impact!

Tools & Tech

Things I’m comfortable using, in no particular order:

HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, WordPress, Timber, ACF, REST API, Vue, React, Node.js, Leaflet Maps, Golang, Google Cloud, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, htaccess, PWA, FTP, SVG, Photoshop, Illustrator…

Other Stuff

I’m an entrepreneur…

For a few years I’ve had a small handyman business, Centremark, serving residential and commercial clients. Aside from the actual manual work, this venture involved a full gamut of business skills and experiences… advertising, handling payments, client negotiations, training sub-contractors, etc.

I’m an organizer…

I’m the founder of Toronto Soccer Meetup, a very popular destination to find and play soccer Toronto. It’s one of the largest recreational sports Meetup’s in the world, having more than 17,000 registrants and 2500 active participants yearly.

As well, I’ve had a hand in organizing and participating in various tech and business Meetup’s over the years.

I learn and mentor…

I’m an active participant on StackOverflow, a platform for developers to help each other out. If I’m ever bored I’m often here asking and answering questions, making comments and cleaning up archive posts.

I’m also a mentor to junior developers in Toronto Code Mentoring, a group that meets weekly for multi-hour sessions at cafes and other meeting spaces.

Let’s Chat!

Questions? Comments? Get in touch!